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We can help you to save money on your next property purchase or sale

When it comes to selling and purchasing property, there is often a huge amount of paperwork to get through, which is not always entirely straightforward! This is when it can really pay to get hold of the right conveyancing quotes from recognised property lawyers.  There are numerous ways you can get in touch with conveyancing experts, either through a direct search online or through your local network of friends and family.  Most people have bought or sold property at some point, so their recommendations can be really useful.  We like to use because they offer an exceptional service for people who are both new to property and seasoned developers.

Many people think the idea of hiring a specialist in property will be too expensive, or a hassle, but in reality it is worth every penny to make sure you are not falling foul of the law when purchasing or selling your property.  There are so many areas where people can become caught up legally, especially when it comes to official documentation and peperwork.  A conveyancing specialist will help guide you through the process easily, with expert knowledge and experience in buying and selling homes.

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Here you can read our latest blog posts, which we aim to add to monthly. You can find information and advice to help you buy and sell your property, along with helpful tips on making the most of your home once you have moved in! From buying your dream home, to just starting out, we have a wealth of topics and information to inspire and guide you.

About us


A3 Ltd were born out of a passion for all things property! We love helping people to make the right decisions, get their moving costs in check and find the right advice for solicitors and legal issue.s.


We are a group of likeminded individuals with extensive experience in buying and selling property. We are not licensed conveyancers ourselves, but we are certainly in the right position to help you find the right solicitors to work on your property today!

The fact is that property is an extensive part of a legal framework which can be very easy to make mistakes in. These mistakes can be expensive and can land you in toruble if you are not purchasing property legally.
We are here to provide you with knowledge and advice to help you get the most from the property market whilst acting legally and under good instruction.
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